We are a team of creative individuals who are passionate about My Own Tale. Our goal is to make children’s reading as fun and as engaging as possible. We believe that during a child’s primary years it is important to instill good reading habits that will last a lifetime.

Technology has allowed us to personalize books like never before. Through mass customization we can provide each and every customer a unique book to match the uniqueness of each little one. Our founders’ story is just as unique. Learn a bit more about us and share our passion.

Adi: Co-founder and CTO

Adi is the guy who ensures the website is up and running smoothly. He also makes sure that books are printed and processed as quickly as possible, while ensuring each book is of superior quality. Before each book is sent out, Adi checks every single page to ensure customers receive the best quality product possible. If you have a question or comment for Adi, drop him a line! He’s always happy to answer a question no matter what time it is. ;)

adi @ myowntale.com

Brian: Co-founder and CEO

Brian is the guy who manages all of those little processes that need to get done, translations, illustrations, etc. He also is the one who writes the stories and works with the illustrators to ensure each and every drawing is outstanding. He is always looking for new stories, ideas and suggestions to improve our website and products. If you ever have an idea or inquiry, let him know! Customers are his number one priority. :D

brian @ myowntale.com


The founders come from two very different parts of the world. Aditya is originally from Bangalore, India and Brian from Chicago, United States. Yet, both are world travelers having lived in various countries throughout the world. They met during their studies in Madrid, Spain and have been friends ever since. Aditya came up with the idea of customized classics for readers, and Brian honed it to personalized fairytales for children. From there, with a lot of hard work and passion, the idea blossomed into My Own Tale.


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